Truth Behind Back Pain


Have you ever experienced really painful back pain? Ever wonder what is causing you this back pain? Perhaps it is the way you sit or perhaps it is the type of chair you are sitting on. Each year, millions of people around the world suffer from back pain and back pain does not just mysteriously disappear. They can linger for many years and for some may even cause permanent damage if not carefully treated.

The main reason for the majority of back pain is the overusing your back muscles, bad posture, bad alignment or not taking proper care of it. The type of people who do not experience back pain are those that are very self dedicated to fitness and their health, these are the type of people that sit upright as well as understand the importance of exercise. Another possible culprit of your back pain is actually your chair.

The most common type of chair in offices are office chair, these are designed to keep you upright and in place. However, after long hours of sitting upright your body starts to accumulate stress and pain built from the chair. This adds unnecessary pressure to your back, shoulders, arms, legs, etc. The best way to counter this is to be active and fit, this means that you take regular breaks in between your work. This can mean going for a quick walk or even going to the toilet. Of course, this may not always be possible. Thus, there are exercises you can do at your desk whilst still being productive. This involves moving your legs and hands in order to massage and exercise them.

At home, it is different as we have sofas and chairs that aren’t designed to be painful. I personally have rocking chairs at home and these are extremely comfortable to use.

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