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Best friends fall in love movies

Best friends fall in love movies


Pinterest Falling in love with your best friend is the ultimate dream. Ahead, we list out the some of the most iconic reel-life best friends that fell in love with each other on the big screen. Better loe than never, right?

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Better late than never, right? While Zack and Miri try to keep things platonic, they eventually start falling for each other in between takes, which obviously becomes complicated, given their chosen profession. In a twist on the typical rom-com formula, this film plays out as a mystery. For these couples, they found their partner in their best friend. In the earlier films, Ron and Hermione have a friendly but combative relationship and spend a lot of ih arguing with each other.

Top 10 best friends who fall in love movies

Ya Jaane Friendd The rom-com celebrated the bond of friendship. The iconic diner scene, those late-night phone calls made while watching old movies, and the hilariously honest way in which they communicate with each other, stands testament to the fact that these two did grow to be best friends with time—and of course, fall in love eventually.

Too bad that pesky Battle of Hogwarts was happening at the same time! As former high school nerd turned successful music producer Chris Brander, Reynolds gets a second chance to confess his true feelings to his old high school crush, Jamie, during a trip fruends his old hometown.

Movies where best friends fall in love

Karan Saif Ali Khan met Rhea Rani Mukherji on a plane, and continued to bump into each other for several years before becoming best friends. Remember the grand airport proposal at the end of this film? Try to imagine what that would look like.

After countless adventures, near-death experiences and high school drama panning over seven school years, the two realise that they love each, and finally share a kiss just before the last mofies fight against Voldemort. He meets Sally after they graduate from college—both of them are headed towards New York, where Sally is beginning journalism school and Harry is starting a career. Also read:.

Ron Weasley Rupert Grint comes from a big Wizarding family and has a carefree attitude, whereas Hermione Granger Emma Watson is a Muggleborn witch, the only child of her parents, and a straight A student who prefers to play by the rules. The writer and director offers his ature blend of gross-out laughs and heartwarming moments in this sex comedy about the two titular roommates.

He annoyed her to bits, and whenever they got together, something had to go wrong.

However, as the plot progresses Juno realizes that besides her parents, Paulie is the one person who has constantly supported her. Before we unveil our top pick, here are a couple honorable mentions.

Both Pat and Tiffany, played by Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, are dealing with traumatic events from their past. What happens next? Did you know that Monica moives supposed to end up with Joey originally? While it takes several years, a broken marriage, and a lot of heartache, Will and April finally become a couple, all with the help of a very perceptive little girl.

"best friends fall in love" movies

Luckily, her realization sends her back toand in her newfound maturity, she kisses Matt, allowing the two to start a new, better life with each other. Played by Seth Rogen and Elizabeth Banks respectively, they decide to make pornographic movies in love to pay the bills. The film ends in the most romantic Mumbai setting, with the two admitting to their love under the rains in front moviws the sea. Pat is trying to reconcile fall his ex wife after a violent outburst he had when he discovered she was best an affair, and Tiffany is fighting depression after the recent death of her husband.

Life went on and Rhea got married to someone gall, and Karan became successful in his career, but one day, he met her in Paris and movie out that her husband had died in an accident. Watch the film to find out. Both Jai and Aditi find different partners as college comes to an end, only to realise that they prefer friend time with each other over anyone else.

Top 10 best friends who fall in love movies |

Raj and Pooja, Mujhse Dosti Karoge! Monica Courteney Cox and Chandler Matthew Perry not only gave us all a peek into what happens when two best friends fall in love, they also showed us how a relationship that began like theirs did could last through the years. After a brief dalliance with her friend Paulie, the precocious and now very pregnant Juno brushes off the notion that the two are dating, despite the fact that Paulie is the father of her unborn.

A quintessential nineties soundtrack serves as the background music as Lelaina and Troy slowly realize that they belong together- at least for the time being.

"best friends fall in love" movies - imdb

Pinterest Falling in love with your best friend is the ultimate dream. Friiends eventually gets kicked out of his own home, and moves in with Aisha. Inyear old Jenna, after being tricked into Seven Minutes in Heaven with her geeky best friend Matt, brushes him off and wishes she were When Raj moves to the US, he makes sure to stay in touch with his crush, Tina. Aisha has come to Mumbai for a job, and Sid is the first friend she makes here.

Aditi and Jai, Jaane Tu When a dancing competition brings the two wounded souls together, both figuratively and literally, a romantic relationship begins to blossom, and despite their respective hang-ups, they manage to move on from the past together. Ahead, we list out the some of the most iconic reel-life best friends that fell in love with each other on the big screen.

As luck would frifnds it, lovve day, she woke up as one.

It just took some fairy dust and time travel for Jenna to realise that Matt was her frirnds true love. The story revolves around her trying to reconnect with Matt Mark Ruffaloher childhood best friend, while dealing with adulthood and correcting all the mistakes her older self made while growing up. The two spent more time together before realising their feelings for each other.

Though the two take some time to get into a rhythm, they end up developing a unique, albeit platonic, bond.

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