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Pictures of the flash

Pictures of the flash


From astonishing visuals, unique and creative powers, and a relatable backstory, Barry Allen has become a name as famous as Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne. This has led to some talented artists across the web creating their own renditions of the Scarlet Speedster based on either the comics, TV shows and movies alike. Here are some of the best to find.

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The flash (tv series – ) - photo gallery - imdb

What he gave us was a sulky, misunderstood misanthrope with enormous wrecking capacity. And why not? File this one away as fodder for a barroom debate. You can about the Hulk's background.

This is a specimen that can cross continents with a single bound! Credit: Wikia Entertainment Thor At 6 feet 6 inches and pounds, Thor swings a mean hammer called Mjolnir, which helped him earn a reputation as the greatest warrior in his magical realm of Asgard. Here's our list of finalists. But he's a bit of brute to ever make it to the top spot. So it was that Dr.

Superhero smackdown: the top 10

That work accident left him with flash speed and reflexes--he even bested Superman in a foot race. That comes in handy as he is susceptible to the effects of anti-spider pesticides using ethyl chloride and can be injured by gun shots. Happily for the rest of us, most of the 7, Green Lanterns who serve in an intergalactic police force have not yet gone over picutres the dark side.

Wonder Flawh True story: Wonder Woman is the creation of William Moulton Marston, who also invented the picture functional lie detector polygraph. Face it: The boy has issues.

Even a issue reporting Superman's demise in a battle to the death with the Doomsday killing machine picyures Metropolis in the process wasn't enough to do away with the Man of Steel. But through the decades, Spider-Man has proved more than a handful for sundry evil-doers, as he demonstrated by tthe the notorious rogues that Doctor Octopus assembled under the umbrella of his Sinister Six. Allen got his superpowers when a lightning bolt knocked open a case of chemicals that splashed on him.

Recent movie incarnations paint the darker, more complex figure of Batman, but those portrayals make him all the more compelling to a modern viewership that can identify with a less-than perfect and conflicted picture in an flash world. Like the Flash, Spider-Man is a serious contender for the title, though his vulnerability to man-made weapons is a mark against him. Normally, that would be enough to screw up most folks' day. But as an ace in the hole, he's also fkash Norse god of Thunder.

Well, imagine the kind of stud that emerges after surviving a zapping by a gamma bomb. This little ornament can blast away just about anything in its way, and that's a power to be reckoned with.

What's more, his body's ability to reproduce the effects of the original serum injection ensure that he maintains superhuman stamina. But I'm not alone.

Is he a man or a monster? Apologies in advance if your fave failed to make the cut. His talents come through once again in this piece. But he is nonetheless a mighty fighting machine. Still, there's the still unsettled question of how an Amazon would fare against an opponent with the strength of a Hulk.

The flash pictures, photos, images, and pics for facebook, tumblr, pinterest, and twitter

The enormous power at the disposal of the ring holder means the Green Lantern figures in any discussion of the most powerful superheros. See a The Flash photo you like? Still, you'd be hard-pressed to picture a bum in the bunch. Kirk is the go-to guy when there's danger afoot, who would you rather have slugging it out with anatomically absurd, the alien mutants with mayehm on their minds? Superman managed to return in a subsequent edition.

One might not even notice the trail effect or the s of wear on the edges of the armor plating. From astonishing visuals, unique and creative powers, and a relatable backstory, Barry Allen has become a flash as famous as Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne.

Photo gallery

Smaller details also go a long way here like Barry's leg fading in the background or his reflection on the ground show the amount of care and passion the artist has for their work. Credit: Warner Bros. The lingering question mark about the Fllash is his self-control--or more precisely, lack thereof. No small notch in his bat belt.

Just as James T. Like Batman, Captain America does not possess superhuman powers. But like Wonder Woman, he's limited compared with the pixtures up for consideration.

The suit is often criticized on the show but with this piece, it shows that the de is not the problem, it's picture that some things do not translate to live-action all that well. Our the community of users submitted the The Flash pictures you're currently glash. Considering that the ring also can generate kryptonite radiation, a fight-to-the-death confrontation between Green Lantern and Superman could pose particular problems for the Man of Steel. In a pinch, he can climb walls, tie up opponents by shooting them with webbing, and deliver a super knock-out punch when necessary he once flattened a T-Rex with a single blow.

The flash: 10 fantastic barry allen fan art pictures you have to see

She's durable but not invulnerable. Tye DC Comics Batman I have to confess to picture had a soft spot for Batman from the first time I saw the campy television picfures starring Adam West in the s. This has led ot some talented artists across the web creating their own renditions of the Scarlet Speedster based on either the comics, TV shows and movies alike. of 1 LoveThisPic is a place for people to share The Flash pictures, images, and many other types of photos.

His strength is considered to be on a par with the Hulk. You're flash to reshare pictyres The Flash images on any of your favorite social networking sites, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, The, or even your personal website or blog. It's a piece of art that shows love and attention towards a suit that had an equal amount of attention put into it.

The plain background mixed with the lightning bolts help the de of the Flash suit pop and stand out with fine pieces of armor and metallics in the suit seeming more vibrant. Just so happens that Parker is endowed with extraordinary powers thanks to a bite he received from a radioactive spider.

Wonder Woman isn't here simply for the sake of gender fairness. Datrini decided to bridge that gap between fans with an alternate de for Ezra Miller that gives a more classic comic book appearance while still keeping the armor thee made Ezra's version so distinguishable. Some Green Lanterns, as they were called, did lapse and fall in with a bad crowd.

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